David Qu, M.D., M.S.
David Qu, M.D., M.S.Board-Certified, Fellowship-Trained

Dr. Qu completed intense medical training at Harvard Medical School and the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from Harvard Medical School?s residency program in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Boston, Massachusetts, and then completed his fellowship in pain medicine through the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania.?Dr. Qu’s areas of interest include cancer pain, spinal pain, neurologic pain conditions, minimally invasive surgeries and procedures for pain relief, comprehensive medical management, and interdisciplinary team approach for pain relief.

I am a patient of Dr. David QU, for the past three years…Dr. QU, was my final attempt for relief without extensive pain medication and halfway medical processes. During my journey with Dr. QU, several treatments were provided to me and for the most part my chronic lower back pain was relieved for three months, then two months and finally after six weeks the procedure treatments offered some pain relief. On March 23, 2018, Dr.QU performed a MILD LSS minimum surgical procedure, my chronic pain which extended from my lower back to my right and left legs, which awakened me every night from a deep sleep was gone. I had my first pain-free sleep since 2013 on March 23. I am so grateful to Dr.Qu, for working with me to find what course of treatment was in my and my back’s best interest, for searching for viable pain management solutions and for being at the top of his field in his continued education in pursuit of new treatments and technologies for someone like me. It is without hesitation I highly recommend Dr. David Qu. Dr. QU is a dedicated, caring, concerned and an outstanding physician. My name is Helen Daly and I am very grateful to this wonderful man


I have dealt with chronic back pain for years and explored every option…or so I thought. Two and half years ago I had a particularly bad flare-up and was sent to a pain practice outside of Philadelphia by my PCP. My experience was not a good one as they wanted to place a band-aid on the situation by giving me pain medication. I truly did not want to go down that route so I started my search for an alternative.

I was fortunate enough to have had a co-worker that absolutely raved about Dr Qu and how he had changed her life — and that is exactly what he did for me too! I am virtually pain free and am able to lead an active life without any use of pain medication. Thank you Dr Qu for truly changing my life!


I have been seeing Dr. Qu since Aug 2016. It has been an eleven year journey living with chronic pain between my spine and right shoulder blade. Many specialists and more injections than you could possibly count all only giving me up to 72 hours of relief. I was unable to find somebody who could get me prolonged pain relief and I was adamant that I was not going the pain medicine route. I made it this far without taking anything more than ibuprofen and I was still determined to find something that would get me relief without using pain meds.

I found Pennsylvania Pain & Spine Institute on the web, made an appointment right away. Met with Dr. Qu who on my first visit said we can get you pain relief, we just might have to try a couple of things to get us there. We tried a couple of different procedures over the last couple of months and I have had over 8 weeks of pain relief for the first time in 11 years. Words can’t express my many thanks to you and your entire office staff.

Heather S. M.

I love the feel I get when I am speaking with Dr Qu. He makes me feel like I am his only patient and that he really cares about me. I have already recommended several friends to the office and they all say the same thing. The office staff is always so courteous also.


I am beyond grateful to have met Dr. Qu and his staff. They have helped me immensely since I started to treat with them in July. He is very smart and compassionate when it comes to his bedside manner. He has the patient in his best interest. With being so young and suffering from chronic pain, it is definitely hard to find a doctor that will take the time
to understand where you’re coming from. He hasn’t given up on me, and he found out the reason I’m hurting. Thank you Dr. Qu, Corrine and the staff at Highpoint… You have allowed me to feel confident in the care I am receiving. I am forever grateful to have stumbled upon this charm of a doctor and staff.

I can’t leave out the staff who helps him… they are beyond kind when it comes to scheduling, the procedures or anything you need their assistance with. I had a procedure on Tuesday, and the Medical Assistant who took care of me was wonderful. Sometimes I wish these places had a tip jar so they knew how great of a job they are doing!


I have been a patient of Dr. Qu’s forever now, and as long as need his care, I don’t plan on going anywhere, else.

Carol A.

Dr. Qu is skilled and professional. I am now pain free. Thank you Dr. QU.

Sharon K.

I’ve been dealing with pain for a long time, and after seeing specialists after specialists, I felt lost and that I would have to deal with this pain forever. However, when my doctor referred me to Dr. Qu, within the first few minutes he stepped in the room, I could tell his genuine sense of compassion, and he was the only specialists that actually physically examined me closely. He then spent at least thirty more minutes explaining to me why my pain exists, and then a plan. He’s wonderful!

Jason C.

The reason I am able to sit here and write this testimonial is because of Dr. Qu. I came to see him for sciatica. Because of his thoroughness in assessment and diagnosis, he discovered the real reason for my pain. He took the time to understand and review my symptoms. He didn’t rush to prescribe long term medications or procedures. Lots of doctors are too quick to treat without fully understanding the why. I am indebted to Dr. Qu for helping me. HPP & Rehab really cares!


I have been on high doses of heavy duty pain medication for about 5 years for multiple conditions after only 2 months my pain meds are reduced by over half and my quality of live has gone up dramatically.

Joyce W.

I was a new patient and arrived early for my apt, he saw me within just a few minutes of walking in. He was very personable and friendly, and explained everything he was doing to ensure I had no questions. Highly recommend him to my friends and family!


Dr. Qu took plenty of time to talk with me and to come up with a good game plan to treat my pain.


Dr. Qu is THE BEST! He is the only doctor I trust, and is the first pain management doctor that has helped me find some relief. He is truly caring and will try everything to help you. The office staff is the greatest and friendliest around, ever! This is still how I feel after a year in Dr. Qu’s care.

Kim C.

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