Do you feel pain in your lower back, buttocks or groin when you stand up from a chair? Is this pain only on one side? Is the pain worse in the morning? It could be your sacroiliac or SI joint.

Situated on both sides of your lower spine, the SI joints carry the weight of your upper body when standing. Inflammation to the joint from overuse, arthritis or even pregnancy can cause significant pain.

Dr. David Bozak of the Pennsylvania Pain & Spine Institute is an interventional orthopedic expert who specializes in the treatment of SI joint pain and dysfunction. He has?expertise in performing various joint procedures under imaging guidance, and the diagnostic expertise to find out where patients? pain originates. Most importantly, Dr. Bozak also uses regenerative medicine treatments, which can greatly slow down the rate of arthritis and improve the health of joints.

Dr. Bozak explains SI joint pain here and?discusses his expert?approach to treatment.